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motorhome_tvA very common question for those new to motorhoming is "Do I need a separate licence for the TV in my motorhome?"

We asked the TV Licensing Authority for a definitive answer - this is what they came back with:

A TV Licence covers the installation or use of television receiving equipment at a single residence. This means that if someone installs or uses television at more than one address, a licence is needed at each. Since 1 April 1997, some changes have been made to the regulations in relation to non-permanent structures. These changes are as follows:

Motorhomes and Touring Caravans
Touring caravans used for touring from place to place and motor vehicles do not need a separate TV Licence providing a licence is held at your main address.


Owner occupied Static Caravans and Mobile Homes
If your second home is a static caravan or mobile home and television receiving equipment is not used at both addresses simultaneously, and you do not let out your second home and provide television equipment, you will not need a separate TV Licence. Some chalets can also be considered as static caravans if they are moveable.

If your second home is a static caravan or mobile home and you use television receiving equipment at both addresses, or you let out your second home, you will need a separate TV Licence.

Static Caravans and Mobile Homes Rented to the Public
Where landlords let holiday homes and provide television receiving equipment for holidaymakers' use, they should ensure that the property is correctly licensed. However, it is the landlord's responsibility to ensure that the televisions they supply in rental accommodation (including holiday accommodation) are licensed. It is an offence to watch television without the correct TV Licence.

People staying in rented accommodation using the landlord's television, should check with the landlord to see if a TV Licence has been purchased. If there is no licence, the user will need to purchase a licence themselves.



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